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Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil 620, Natural Oil impregnation for natural and artificial stone. Ideal for protecting surfaces made of natural stone, artificial stone and terracotta. Colorless, natural Oil penetrates the surface and does not form a film on

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Product description

Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil 620,

For stone and terracotta exterior surfaces
Natural oil impregnation for natural and artificial stone. 

  • Based on natural renewable resources 
  • Open pore structure , the wood continues to breathe. 
  • Water and dirt resistant surface 
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Can be painted over in approx. 8-10 hours.
  • Content is suitable for approx. 25m² with 1 layer 

Colorless Natural Oil Silk Matt penetrates the surface and does not form a film on the surface. The impregnation of the Oil makes the surface water and dirt repellent and stain resistant.
The new Osmo Stone and Terracotta 620 Oil for outdoor surfaces does just this.

This new clear, satin-gloss oil is composed of natural plant oils and water-repellent additives. It also uses a very temporary de-flavored white spirit that is benzene-free and well within the EU's VOC limits; making it much more pleasant to use.

Osmo 620 oil does not contain the hard wax like the Osmo Concrete Oil 610. The product uses different types of binders that excel in an external environment, compared to the Concrete Oil for indoor use, and the oil is very water-repellent.

Can I use it on all types of natural stone?

Recommended use is for microporous natural stone, as the oil impregnates and penetrates the surface, enhancing the color and leaving a permanent wet look effect. However, it can also be applied to artificial stone in outdoor areas. Because the oil reacts differently on every surface. White or very light colored surfaces may turn slightly yellow or darker as a result of treatment with this oil. The acid sensitivity of the stone (eg marble) remains unaffected. Non-absorbent surfaces, such as glass, glazed tiles or ceramics, cannot be treated.

Benefits Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil,

  • Ideal for treating all kinds of surfaces such as natural stone, artificial stone and terracotta
  • Provides a transparent protective layer
  • The surface repels water and dirt very well
  • Dust from screeds and concrete floors is greatly reduced

Thoroughly clean beforehand, ensure that the concrete is completely clean and free of dust, you may also clean it well with this special cleaner.


The substrate must be absorbent, clean, dry and frost-free. Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil is ready to use; do not dilute. Stir well.


Apply very thinly with the special brushes and paint rollers below and distribute well. Remove excess product (puddles or streaks) with the pads or cotton cloths. For larger surfaces, remove excess oil with a rubber scraper and polish with a polishing machine (white pad). Important: The liquid oil must be absorbed into the surface. No oil should remain on the surface. Let dry for 8-10 hours. Ventilate well during drying. Also apply the second coat very thinly. Remove the excess again. When renovating already oiled surfaces, one coat on a cleaned surface is normally sufficient.

The use of pressure washers will significantly reduce protection and all purpose cleaners will also corrode the surface and increase maintenance.


Regular moist cleaning with the Eco Multi Cleaner or Osmo Terrace cleaner with Osmo Cleaning Brush.

If necessary, intensively clean and refresh with Osmo Power Gel or Osmo Gard Clean.

Recoating: Simply reapply one coat of Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil with the special paint roller below on the clean and dry surface when signs of wear become visible.

Other info Osmo Stone Terracotta oil 620,

If you have recently had new tiles, countertops or patio tiles installed, make sure they have seven days to 'settle' so that all the moisture is released from the adhesive.

The stone must have a completely dry surface and it is advisable to remove any existing sealant or oil first. It is also essential that the stone is frost free.

The stone and terracotta seal is ready to use, so just open the can, stir well and you're done!

Cover and protect surfaces that are sensitive to solvents - such as plastic and Plexiglas. Then work on small areas at a time, making sure to apply the product thinly and evenly, so there are no puddles or streaks. If you do apply excess product, remove it with a lint-free cloth.

When treating large areas, such as slate floors or limestone paving, it is best to remove all excess oil and polish with a polisher.

The drying time is 8-10 hours, but this will depend on the ventilation of the surface and/or object; then apply a second thin coat following the process described above.

Do you consider the following,

Stone is a natural product and will therefore not always respond to treatments in the same way, which is why test treatments are essential.

However, after extensive testing by the Osmo technical team, they have discovered that some very light colored stones can yellow slightly due to the oil. For most, this is barely noticeable and not a problem, but something to keep in mind. Always apply on a trial basis.

In addition, the slip resistance of the original surfaces may change after the oil has been applied and cured.

When laying a new slate, limestone or terracotta floor, it is possible to seal the tiles before grouting to prevent staining in the joints. This is not always the case with dark colored grout and can still cause light staining.

Osmo Stone and Terracotta Oil is an easy to use product, with a breathable finish - not prone to cracking, flaking, flaking or blistering; your natural stone will look fresh and new for years to come.

Osmo has used over 40 years of experience in creating natural products to produce a natural clear stone and/or concrete sealer that is free of many of the harsh chemicals that can have such a devastating effect on countertop surfaces and flooring products.

Buy this Osmo Stone Terracotta Oil 620 today.

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