Door oil colorless (For furniture and doors) 1 Ltr

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Osmo Door Oil colorless (For furniture and doors) 1 Ltr, The Osmo Door Oil is suitable for treating interior doors made of wood. This colorless, transparent product uniquely combines the benefits of natural oils and waxes

  • Speciale olie voor deuren en meubels
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Product description

Osmo Door oil colorless (For furniture and doors) 1 Ltr,

  • Suitable for selected veneered doors and furniture
  • Extremely water and dirt repellent
  • 3060 Enhances the natural character of the wood
  • 3033 Retains the light color of the wood (slightly white pigmented)
  • Saliva-resistant and sweat-resistant, also suitable for children's toys
  • No sanding required for future applications

The Osmo Door Oil is suitable for treating all types of (wooden) interior doors. This colorless, transparent oil uniquely combines the benefits of natural oils and waxes in one product. This Osmo Door Oil is resistant to just about all known dirt, stains, moisture and wear. It is easy to apply and no sanding between coats is required. The Osmo Door Oil is suitable for treating all your wood indoors, so if you want to treat a table or other furniture for the same look, this can also be done at the same time, the microporous surface will not crack, tear or peel. After a treatment with 2 layers of Osmo Door Oil, the door (or your furniture, etc.) is resistant to wine, coffee and water. After drying, it is safe for humans, animals and plants.

There are two variants of the Osmo Door Oil. The 3060 is a colorless variant that deepens the color of the wood after treatment, also called a wet look effect. This means that it will color as if it has been wet. There is also the Door Oil 3033 Raw, this variant contains a small proportion of white pigment. This ensures that light woods remain light in color. When applying the 3033 Raw, no wet look is created. The light color of the sanded wood is preserved.

Osmo has Osmo Blanke Wax in its range for doors made of tropical hardwoods. This product has been specially developed for tropical woods, but please note that this makes the wood slightly darker in color, if you prefer to keep the door light, please contact us and we can help you with your choice.


Regular cleaning of the wooden door is best with the Eco Multi Cleaner (see below) or the Osmo Spray-Cleaner , but this can cause stains in the long run. This product contains soap and is based on natural oils. This ensures that the wood is nourished without drying out. If the wooden door suffers from wear and tear, it can easily be treated again with this door oil. This can easily be polished on the wood with the cotton cloths and buffing pads below beige and red, the treatment refreshes the worn spots. If the door suffers from scratches, etc., this part can easily be sanded with grit 120 and a new layer of Osmo Door Oil can be applied.

Note: Cloths/pads that have been used for applying or polishing the Osmo Door Oil must be rinsed out with water because they pose a risk of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, always rinse the cloths thoroughly wet and store them safely airtight.

  • After drying, harmless to humans, animals and plants
  • Water-resistant and wear-resistant
  • Protects against coffee, wine and cola
  • Resistant to household chemicals and stains
  • Natural finish for interior doors


Wood surface must be clean, dry and frost-free (moisture content max. 18%). Osmo Door Oil is ready for use. Do not dilute. Shake well before use. For solid doors, thoroughly clean old microporous stains. Old paints, varnishes and varnishes must be completely removed.
If you are going to renovate veneered doors, always check with the door manufacturer whether renovation is possible. Always wear a dust mask when sanding.
Fill small cracks, larger joints or holes in wood (with Osmo Wood Filler) . Gently sand wooden surfaces. Start with coarse sandpaper Grit 40 / 80 – final sanding P120 for solid wood doors.
Before oiling the surface, remove sanding dust with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. If possible, apply the first coat on all sides before installation.

Application ,

Apply the oil thinly and evenly to the clean and dry wood along the grain of the wood with the following flat brushes and/or the Microfibre lacquer rollers and distribute it well. When applying the Door-Oil 3033 Raw, remove excess white pigment (with a red buffing pad) before allowing the surface to dry. Ensure good ventilation during drying. After drying, apply a second coat in the same way – also thin.


Too liberal application of the product and insufficient ventilation lead to delays in drying time. Oils enhance the natural tone of wood (transparent Door Oil 3060 with permanent wet-look effect). Osmo Door Oil 3033 Raw counteracts exactly this effect and protects lighter colored wood almost invisibly. The original look of the wood can be preserved – no emphasis on the natural color of the wood (no wet-look effect). On dark/reddish woods Osmo Door Oil 3033 Raw can be seen as a faint white surface. Excessive application of Osmo Door Oil 3033 Raw can also result in a faint white surface. Setting up a test piece is recommended.

The use of regular all-purpose cleaners (so different from the Eco Multi Cleaner) will increase the frequency of maintenance and repainting. Allow the finish to cure completely before heavy use.


Clean regularly with the Eco Multi Cleaner spray or 1 ltr version.
As a supplement and extra protection, you can use the Osmo Spray-Cleaner .
For intensive cleaning of stubborn streaks and to refresh the shine of Osmo Door Oil 3060 satin, use the Osmo Maintenance Wax. Avoid using the Maintenance Wax over the Osmo Door Oil 3033 Raw mat, because it will look shinier .

paint over ,
In case of light wear, simply reapply one coat of Osmo Door Oil to the clean and dry surface.

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