Osmostore.nl what now ?

Dear customers, you probably all know us from our webshop www.osmostore.nl.

Unfortunately, we lost it to a competitor with improper intentions, The url was thus taken away from us in a bad way.

Osmostore.nl the story,

We started this shop years ago and have invented the name ourselves and have asked permission for the use of the brand, this was of course all approved, however, after many years this is now suddenly reversed and after all the investments we have made and the large customer base we have built up of both individuals and business customers, there is suddenly a very hostile process started by the current owner of which the outcome is that we were obliged to transfer the url www.osmostore.nl to the new owner.

Which name is it now after Osmostore.nl ?

In the meantime a new (brand free) url has been chosen and that has become www.Hardwaxstore.nl

So all old url's that might still be stored in your browser or in e-mails and/or PDF files etc etc please replace them for this one,

Osmo maintenance products such as Wisch Fix, Maintenance Wax, Maintenance Oil, Cleaner etc..
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/en/osmo-maintenance-wax-etc/
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/en/osmo-maintenance-wax-etc/

Osmo Finishes such as Hardwax Oil, Silk Matt, Matte etc. Decor Wax, Color Oil, Oil Stain, Concrete Oil etc..
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/en/osmo-finishing-products/
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/en/osmo-finishing-products/

Osmo Exterior products such as UV Oil, Terrace Oil, Country House Paint, Oil Stain, One Time Stain, Opaque Stain, De-graying Power Gel, Terrace Cleaner etc....
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/en/osmo-exterior-wood-products/
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/en/osmo-exterior-wood-products/

Osmo Auxiliary products such as Osmo Floor Brush, Opti Set, loose mop, fiber cloth, duster etc, Brushes, Paint rollers, Paint trays, Paint roller brackets, Telescope poles etc...
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/en/auxiliary-products/
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/en/auxiliary-products/

Complete Osmo range, Here you will find the total assortment so all products together as 1 list, you can select by newest or price etc..
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/en/all-products/
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/en/all-products/

Osmo Wisch Fix,
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/nl/osmo-wisch-fix-8016.html
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/nl/osmo-wisch-fix-8016.html

Osmo Maintenance Wax,
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/nl/osmo-onderhoudswas-kleurloos-3029.html
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/nl/osmo-onderhoudswas-kleurloos-3029.html

Osmo Maintenance Oil,
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/nl/osmo-onderhoudsolie-kies-uw-type.html
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/nl/osmo-onderhoudsolie-kies-uw-type.html

Osmo Top Oil (Topoil),
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/nl/osmo-topolie-werkbladolie-topoil.html
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/nl/osmo-topolie-werkbladolie-topoil.html

Osmo Hardwax Oil Silk Matt 3032,
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/nl/osmo-3032-hardwaxolie-kleurloos-zijdemat-klik-hier.html
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/nl/osmo-3032-hardwaxolie-kleurloos-zijdemat-klik-hier.html

Osmo Hardwax Oil Matt 3062,
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/nl/osmo-3062-hardwaxolie-kleurloos-mat-klik-voor-opti.html
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/nl/osmo-3062-hardwaxolie-kleurloos-mat-klik-voor-opti.html

Osmo UV Oil (420, 425, 410 etc),
OLD: https://www.osmostore.nl/nl/osmo-uv-beschermingsolie-klik-voor-kleu.html
NEW: https://www.hardwaxstore.nl/nl/osmo-uv-beschermingsolie-klik-voor-kleu.html

If you cannot find something or have lost the overview you can always call or email us and we will help you immediately, our phone number is still, (0031)013 8501080 and the email address is: [email protected]

What will the future bring?

Unfortunately we do not know what the future will bring, but we do know that we will always deliver the very best products at a good price with all possible service and advice based on our extensive experience, just as we have done with full energy and drive for the last 50 years.

We are very much looking forward to it and hope that the successful cooperation with you as our customer can continue for many years to come.

al 25 jaar dé grootste Osmo verdeler in de Benelux
Voor 18u besteld is vandaag verzonden met Postnl
Dé Osmo specialist met bijna 50 jaar ervaring !
Gratis thuisbezorgd vanaf € 50,- anders € 6,95
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