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Osmo UV Protection Oil, Perfect protection against the sun - the first colorless UV protection for outdoor wood! Satin matt, colorless wood protection stain for the outside Especially recommended for wooden upholstery, roof overhangs, balconies, garden

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Product description

Osmo UV Oil (All colors for sale with us)

Perfect sun protection - the first colorless UV protection for outdoor wood!

Benefits Osmo UV Protection Oil,

  • 2 in 1 a ground and top layer in one.
  • Finish protected against fungus, algae and mold.
    Highest efficiency
  • Based on natural renewable resources
  • Open pore structure the wood continues to breathe
  • Finish protected against mould, algae and fungus attacks
  • For dimensionally stable and non-dimensionally stable components
  • Can be painted over after approx. 12 hours
  • Content is suitable for approximately 45 m2 with 1 layer

UV protection oil for outdoor wood,

Silk matt, colorless protection based on natural oils for outdoor wood.
Detection, allows the wood to breathe and reduces expansion and contraction.
Water resistant, will not crack, peel or flake.
UV protection oil considerably extends the renovation interval for already colored and treated wood.
With two layers, the aging process of vertical surfaces is prevented with the UV protection factor 12 compared to untreated wood.
The finish contains active ingredients that protect against fungus, algae and fungus.
Easy to apply without sanding.
Easy to process without overlapping.
Does not dry during application

Apply Osmo UV Protection Oil

Osmo UV protection oil Extra is ideal for all vertical wooden surfaces outdoors: Doors, windows and shutters (dimensionally stable components), Carports, wooden facades and garden sheds (non-dimensionally stable components).

The wooden substrate must be clean, dry and frost-free (max 20% moisture content).
Apply first coat on all sides of the wood before mounting.
When renovating, thoroughly clean old open-pore finishes.
Already grayed and weathered surfaces, simultaneously degrey and clean with Osmo Power-Gel Wood Degreaser .
Old color and paint layers must be removed.
Always use a dust mask when sanding.
Do not sand smooth surfaces finer than 120 grit.
Allow fresh, content-rich and particularly hardwood to weather for up to approximately 6 weeks after installation.
This opens the wood and allows the oil to adhere optimally.

The finished surface has different properties due to, among other things, the influence of the natural characteristics and the method of application.
Therefore, a test should be done in an inconspicuous area first.

Apply evenly and thinly with a brush or microfibre roller and apply thoroughly in the direction of the wood grain.
Allow to dry for 12 hours with good ventilation. Then apply a second coat.
When treating an already colored surface or during renovation, a coat on the clean and dry surface is usually sufficient.

Cleaning the tools: With Osmo Brush Cleaner (free from aromatic compounds)

Drying time: Approx. 12 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23 ̊ C / 50% relative humidity) Ventilate well during drying.
Lower temperatures and/or high humidity may increase drying time.

Oils expire the natural color of the wood (permanent wet look).
Depending on the degree of weathering, clean after about 3-4 years and treat once again with the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra. 

For surfaces that are highly exposed to weathering, such as facades, fences or windowsills, you can expect a significantly shorter interval between renovations.
Vertical wooden elements must have an angle of at least 15 degrees. Sharp edges must be rounded (radius > 2mm). Degrease already grayed surfaces with Osmo Power-Gel Wood Degreaser and then re-treat twice with Osmo UV protection oil Extra.
A UV Protection Oil Extra contains biocides and may only be used outdoors.
The added active ingredients slow down or minimize the risk of algae and mold formation. Two coats are recommended for effective protection.
According to the current state of technical research, permanent protection against algae and fungi cannot be guaranteed

Cloths, brushes and rollers, etc. that have been used to apply the UV-Protection Oil must be rinsed out with water as they pose a risk of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, always rinse it well with water before throwing it away, after it has dried, everything can go with normal household waste.

  • Silk matt, colorless wood preservative for outdoor use
  • Especially recommended for wooden cladding, roof overhangs, balconies, garden furniture, windows and doors...
  • As a top coat on already colour-treated wood, the Osmo UV Protection Oil significantly extends the renovation interval; prevents the aging process with the UV protection factor 12 compared to untreated wood.
  • Number of coats: 2 coats on raw untreated wood. For renovation, 1 layer is sufficient.
  • Available in pack size 0.75, 2.50 and 25 liters
  • 1 liter is sufficient for about 18 m2 with 1 layer.
  • Also available in 25 Ltr, PLEASE NOTE larger quantity must be ordered, delivery time +/- 2 weeks.
  • Always apply with the paint roller or brushes that you see on the right, that gives the best result.
  • Are you using the 429? please contact our customer service for a handy trick if you want to let it dry as matt and neutral as possible...

Frequently heard question, What is the difference between this UV Protection Oil and the Terrace Oil by color from Osmo?
Well that is very easy to answer, The Terrace Oil is a full color oil and therefore really gives the full color you choose and therefore offers the best protection, While this UV Protection Oil is always mixed from the Natural oil with a little bit of color pigment. This results in a light touch of color and not a full color impregnation as with the Terrace Oil.

For more information, see the tech info file below or email us.



  • no 410 Solvent-free outdoor oil, (is better suited for children's toys or a dining table, etc.)
  • no 420 Colorless outer oil (slightly yellowing) with UV protective film layer.
    (UV oil with a light color pigment),
  • no 424: Fire
  • no 425: Oak
  • no 426: Larch wood
  • no 427: Douglas fir
  • no 428: Red Cedar
  • no 431: Red Cedar Light
  • no 432: Oak Light
  • no 429: Natural (The first and only colorless UV protection oil for outside).
  • content options,
  • 0.75 liter
  • 2.5 liters
  • 25 liters (on order)


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